Linux Server HardeningEnhancing and Identifying the security vulnerabilities of your server

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Linux Server Hardening is a method to make a secure server with the help of different aspects. The main goal of Server Hardening is to enhance the Security Level of Server which also gives Operating Environment for Servers. There are many aspects involved in the process of hardening the Linux server.

Enhance Linux server hardening with Reliable Server Security

Linux Server is a vital system for Active Directory, database and file servers, business applications, web services and many other important elements of an IT environment. Linux Server auditing is an absolute necessity for most organizations. L3TechSupport’s security for Linux server automates auditing of changes, configurations and security events to help organizations improve their security posture streamline compliance efforts and optimize routine operations.

Here L3TechSupport Provide Top Linux Server Hardening Solutions, You can adopt to reduce the risk of attackers compromising your critical systems and data.

  • Organizational security
  • Linux Server Preparation
  • Setup Linux Server
  • User Account Security Hardening
  • Network Security Configuration
  • Registry Security Configuration
  • Audit Policy Settings
  • Finalization

Hardening your Linux Server for Better Security

Most people assume that Linux is already secure but it is one of the myths about Linux security. The framework for Linux also has lots of backdoors, rootkits, runs, and even ransomware. This is one of the reasons why system hardening, security auditing and compliance checks with technical guidelines are critical.

To improve the security of your Linux server, L3TechSupport provides you some features to make Secure Linux Server more Secure:

  • Document the host information
  • BIOS protection
  • Hard Disk Encryption
  • Disk Protection
  • Lock the boot directory
  • Disable USB usage
  • Update the system
  • Check packages that installed
  • Secure SSH
  • Password policies
  • Permissions and verifications

Setup Linux Server from L3TechSupport

L3TechSupport is able to Setup Linux Server for you. You don’t have to worry about setting up a server.

Setup Linux Server Services includes:

  • Security setup with SSL Certificate etc. for secure working
  • Install the necessary tools (SQL, poster, PHP, MySQL)



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