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It stumps me, how can you offer such a premium service at such a low cost?

  • The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other, same is with our Server Management service. With a mind frame to reach out and serve millions of servers out there, our only intention was to provide our premium support at a very reasonable rates or even below that to everyone.
    Guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory we found most of the competitors charge the support cost same as the server cost which logically is an practical failure. We believe more in Give and Take Relationship on a qual sharing bases where security and performance is the main criteria. We are a authorized firm and pay our regular professional and service taxes.

What types of technical support to you provide?

  • We provide both Complex as well as simple technical support. With vast range of our system administrators (Level – I, II and III) we make it simple and possible solution to suffix your complex as well as simple technical problems depending upon the intricateness of your situation. And yes, all this support suits available Round the Clock at your service.

PCI compliant, is that something you can implement on my server?

  • Short for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), PCI DSS is a standard that all organizations, including on-line retailers, must follow when storing, processing and transmitting their customer’s credit card data.
    If this is a mandatory requirements, we will make your server PCI-DSS compliant at no extra charges within our server management package.

“Unlimited admin time”, is there any catch?

  • No catch or hidden cost, we provide unlimited admin time no matter how many task you assign per server within your monthly subscription. This is balanced due to the fact that some clients come in with 10-15 tickets where as others come with any round 5 tickets.

Do you offer Custom Support?

What is your average customer satisfaction and retention rate?

  • Since we started providing our services, we received a positive response from the sign ups. And one of the most important reason for this was our customer satisfaction rate. Not only this, most of our customer pick are from referrals and references from our existing customers.

Do you provide FREE trial?

  • We let our work speak the words. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee and a FREE trial which ever suits you. This way you are assured of our work skills while your problems are solved within the FREE trial period as well. Now that’s a “nothing to loose” deal :)

Do you only support Linux OS environment with cPanel?

  • No, we do specialize in Linux/cPanel exclusively and our system administrators are highly experienced, trained and certified in Linux/cPanel however we are not limited to Linux/cPanel only. Our expertise are in Linux/cPanel, Linux/Plesk, LAMP setup and Windows web only servers.

Are your system administrators certified?

  • Yes, all our system administrators are highly experienced, trained and certified in cPanel/Linux and Windows. We take pride in providing our administrators certification details once you sign up with us.
    You can visit our team and their certification details here on you sign up:

How long before receiving a ticket response?

  • Now that’s a tough one really. I will try to keep it simple as I can. This is because replies and resolution really depends up on the fact how complex is the problem. Therefore you will see some replies are late while others fixed and replied within an hour.
    However we guarantee a first reply within 30 minutes.

What about issues that take more than 24 hours?

  • There are no problems unresolved. As answered in earlier question, it really depends upon the complexity of your issue.
    Issues are circled in team of experienced and highly skilled system administrators. This leaves less than a cent of chance a issue is unresolved. Most of the unresolved issues are either OS/cPanel/Plesk limitations or bugs which needs to be fixed from the respective vendors.

Do you setup and configure 3rd party software on request?

  • Yes, happy to install it for you any time. We install different 3rd party softwares such as Fantastico, Softaculous, RVSkin, Rkhunter, CSF firewall, DOS deflect, CXS virus scanner, RVSiteBuilder, ImageMagick, GD, ClamAV, PostgreSQL, Tomcat JSP, LAMP and many many more on our daily work routine.While all this are installed risk free there are certain other scripts which requires special documents to be presented to our administrators before hand if required installing. Our administrators will check, investigate and suggest you the most appropriate solution in such cases. In any case, its your responsibility to take the risk installing it while our administrators will try their level best.

Is submitting a technical problem via Phone/IM etc. supported?

  • We have a very user friendly support helpdesk which is guided by our round the clock staff so that no stone is unturned in replying and fixing the issues for you.
    General sales questions and queries regarding ticket progress can however be asked through our phone support within business working hours only.

How secure is my personal information kept with you?

  • We keep all your data such as passwords, server specifications etc. in encrypted format. We are covered with 256 bit encrypted SSL certificate. We ensure that your data is safe secured with us.

Is there any catch with your subscription?

  • Absolutely no. Try our 7 Days free trial if you think there is any :)

Is there anything such as hack free server?

  • No, this is not possible. Even a site like has been hacked before. Although hackers and spammers can be restricted to an extent but it’s impossible to completely stop them. Most of the hackers and spammers find vulnerabilities through 3rd party eCommerce applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. Hackers can gain account access through different ways such as outdated script, weak passwords, PHP, MySQL injections etc. If the scripts and passwords are kept up to date it’s almost impossible for a hacker to gain access to your account or server.Be alert and stay away from such people who clam to secure your servers 100%. Its simply not possible and a real fact in internet world.
    We secure your servers and keep you updated time to time if we find any outdated OS, cPanel, Plesk etc. versions on your servers.

What to conclude?

  • With 7 Days FREE trial, no contract to sign up we urge to try our our services and decide if to stay or leave us. We guarantee you won’t :)


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