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About Us


L3TechSupport a company owned and managed by DotIn Solutions. was established with a strong mission to reach out and serve millions of servers out there which need daily support nourishment , maintenance  without which they are prone to vulnerabilities. We understand it is crucial that your server environment is running with zero downtime all the time.

Considering different ways of support a server owner requires to fix problems with their servers, we came out with some unique support suits for such server owners. We introduced unique support suits such as “Server Management“, “Project Management“, “Custom Support” and “Monitoring Only” support which would help the server owners to fix their server related problems long term or short term with no paperwork required and depending on their requirements.

L3Tech Support Team

L3Tech Support has highly trained and professional technicians team, most of the staff having more than 12+ years of extensive experience and have completed their certifications which allow us to serve you the best and be a support pillar to your company’s growth.

All the system Administrators, Technicians here are L3Tech Support are well trained, experienced and certified.

Our team is certified in: Redhat (RHCE), cPanel University (Level -I and II ), Microsoft (MCES – MCA), Cisco (CCNA)

Our Commitment

We at L3Tech Support will take care of all the task associated with your server management in an efficient and professional manner taking our 7+ years of extensive experience with it. With that said, we know internet and bandwidth plays a very crucial role in support services and due to this reason we are backed with multiple ISP’s for maximum redundancy at any given time.

L3Tech Support is here to manage your servers round the clock while you can solely concentrate on increasing your sales and managing billing.


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